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Fertility Support

Fertility support is for you if you:

  1. Want to empower yourself to live in tune with your cycle and get early warning signs about any health changes
  2. Want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, or would like support navigating options for having a baby 
  3. Are looking for an option to naturally avoid pregnancy

Your fertility is an integral part of your body and your health, whether or not you would like to become—or already are—a parent. Reproductive systems can dictate how you are feeling in your daily life via a delicate balance of hormones and hormonal cycles. Understanding those balances and cycles can empower you to live in tune with your body.

Cycle charting for health

Tracking fertility biomarkers through daily cycle charting can help you notice early warning signs about your health, and to live in tune with your body. This information can also be taken to your medical provider to discuss any health concerns you may have, allowing you to be a more empowered participant in your health care. 

Trying to conceive

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant or having a baby via an alternative method in the next 1-2 years, are starting to try to conceive, or have been trying to conceive without success, fertility support may be for you. Cycle charting can pinpoint potential health issues and help with timing for conception, and support while navigating options and medical testing can lessen stress and demystify the process.

Natural birth control

Cycle charting can also give you an option for avoiding pregnancy naturally. If you are aware of your fertile window and when you ovulate, you can follow Fertility Awareness-Based Methods with specific rules to avoid conception. These methods can be up to 98% effective, especially if taught by an instructor. 

What is a Fertility Support Practitioner?

Our Fertility Support Practitioner, Crisia, can:

  • Empower you to understand your cycles and live in tune with your hormones via tailored cycle charting support
  • Provide judgement-free emotional and evidence-based informational support in your journey toward having a baby as you navigate your options, doctors’ appointments, and/or life-style changes
  • Provide judgement-free first trimester emotional and evidence-based informational support, including support for pregnancy after loss
  • Guide you in choosing the Fertility Awareness Method that is right for you for avoiding pregnancy without intervention*  

*For cycle charting as birth control: Once you understand the basics of cycle charting and have chosen a method, Crisia will refer you to an accredited instructor, and can continue emotional and informational support along the way. Crisia is currently in training to become an accredited Fertility Awareness Method instructor and will be able to extend her practice in the future.