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Sleep Support

For families with infants and young children

Upon welcoming a baby into the family, the changes with sleep patterns and expectations can have drastically negative consequences. As a baby grows, sleep for the whole family can gradually improve, however for some, that may not be the case.

Our sleep support coach Ariel can help you achieve your sleep desires and goals by working with your individual scenario, evaluating the various factors of your family’s life and educating you on how to support your baby’s (and therefore your) sleep quality and quantity.

What is a sleep support coach?

A sleep support coach is an individual with specialized training regarding infant sleep, biology, and attachment. They are a guide to support families through infancy and toddlerhood to meet sleep goals.

Our sleep support coach support families using a baby-led approach, meaning families are supported to “lean in” to connection and nurture instincts. This approach focuses on your child’s unique sleep patterns, needs, temperament, and behaviour to develop a sleep strategy that is specific to your child without having to use a set method or generic sleep schedule. Before changing sleep habits, the focus is on understanding and supporting the foundation for sleep.

A sleep support coach can offer education to prenatal families, and more individualized support postpartum.

Building a sleep foundation

A good first step to working with a sleep coach may be to build a sleep foundation. Some things you may address during foundations support include:

    • Creating rhythms and routines
    • Understanding attachment
    • The sleep environment
    • Medical interrupters
    • Feeding
    • Temperament
    • Sensory processing
    • Parents and stress


Another way to support your family’s sleep wellness is to assist you in supporting attachment between each member of the family. Strong and deep relationship between parents and children is the secure base from which healthy development and growth occurs. Strong, secure attachment will facilitate independence, which is why this is such a key tool in the baby-led sleep practice.

Safe Infant Sleep

There are a variety of options for supporting your child to sleep. When working with our sleep support coach, you can receive evidence-supported information to make a fully informed decision around how to prepare for your child’s sleep space.

Who are we?

Nest Integrative Wellness is a multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic that also operates as a social and physical hub for group gatherings and activities. Our space is accessible, inclusive, surrounded by an abundance of free parking, and is located at 10608 124 St in Edmonton.

We support all members of the general public, and every team member of Nest has specialized training and interest in supporting those in their perinatal journeys – including those who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, have recently given birth, or are seeking supports through loss. We welcome individuals and families from the greater Edmonton area, and offer telehealth for various disciplines.