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Nutrition Support with a Dietitian

Appropriate nutrition is vital for all facets health. Addressing and enhancing your diet has been shown to impact health over a lifespan, reducing one’s susceptibility to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, increasing energy, and improving mental health.

Illness can vastly impact an individual’s approach to and relationship with food. Nutrition support can benefit individuals living with cancer, neurological conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and other chronic illnesses to improve health and prevent malnourishment.

No matter your nutritional goal, working with a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist can help you enhance your health and wellness.

What is a Registered Dieitian/Nutritionist?

In Alberta, Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists are both recognized and protected titles. At Nest, we typically use the Dietitian title.

A Registered Dietitian is a regulated health professional who provides insight, support, and guidance regarding food, nutrition, and health. They are knowledgeable regarding nutrition’s impacts on health, aging, and illness and can provide tangible information for individuals seeking to address health concerns through diet. Registered Dietitians conduct assessments, provide resources, and discuss food and eating options with clients to meet their needs.

Our Registered Dietitian Halah provides nutritional counselling to all individuals with any health goal. She has a special interest in supporting prenatal and postnatal nutrition, and also provide nutrition counselling for those who are trying to conceive. Read on to learn more about perinatal nutrition support.

Nutrition Support for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

The perinatal phase of life is particularly unique due to the impact nutrition has on conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and during lactation.  Our Registered Dietitian can help individuals in understanding the role food and nutrition has during pregnancy, address food goals, and feel confident in the food choices they are making for themselves and their infants.

Trying to conceive?

Nutrition has significant impacts on fertility. Affecting egg health as well as the ability to carry a pregnancy to term, the amount and type of food we eat is vital to health. Inadequate nutrition is closely linked to female reproductive pathophysiology and can therefore greatly impact conception.


Nutrient needs during pregnancy can differ vastly from other times in an individual’s life. Receiving the support of a Registered Dietitian in pregnancy has been shown to optimize weight gain, assist in the management of common prenatal concerns (such as iron deficiency, gestational diabetes, and nausea) and result in fewer preterm births.


The postpartum period requires a unique approach to nutrition. Between pregnancy and birth depleting the body of nutrients, lactation, and caregiving for a new infant, the importance of addressing the nutritional needs of postpartum individuals cannot be understated. A Registered Dietitian can help individuals to reach weight goals, address nutrient deficiencies, and work with clients to create individualized nutrition plans to support lactation and infant health.

Direct Billing

We direct bill with dozens of providers! If you don’t see your provider listed below, we can still give you printed and/or emailed receipt for you to submit on your end. We encourage you to reach out to us if your provider isn’t listed below so that we can work to get them added!

Alberta Blue Cross



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D.A. Townley

Desjardins Insurance

Equitable Life of Canada

First Canadian Insurance Corporation

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Who are we?

Nest Integrative Wellness is a multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic that also operates as a social and physical hub for group gatherings and activities. Our space is accessible, inclusive, surrounded by an abundance of free parking, and is located at 10608 124 St in Edmonton.

We support all members of the general public, and every team member of Nest has specialized training and interest in supporting those in their perinatal journeys – including those who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, have recently given birth, or are seeking supports through loss. We welcome individuals and families from the greater Edmonton area, and offer telehealth for various disciplines.