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Fertility Basics Workshop

May 27, 2023

Are you thinking of having a baby within the next few years?
Have you already been trying without success?
Would you like to better understand and live in tune with your menstrual cycle?

As women and people with uteruses, our bodies give us daily clues about the cycle of hormones at play. Tuning into these clues empowers us to plan daily activities that synergize with our basic biology, catch early signs of health issues, significantly increase our chances of conception, and even practice a natural method of birth control.

Join us for a fertility basics workshop where you’ll be introduced to menstrual cycle charting, the art and science of paying close attention to your cycle to live in tune with your body. You’ll also learn how our Fertility Awareness Practitioner can support you in your journey to understand your cycle, achieve pregnancy, or explore Fertility Awareness Methods for avoiding pregnancy.

10608 124 St
Edmonton, Alberta T5N1S3

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